Cancer-related pain

The progression of many cancers and the result of therapy for this disease often results in patients suffering significant or debilitating pain. The management of severe cancer pain generally includes morphine and other opiate therapy (meperidine for example). Treatment with this type of medication can often cause significant side effects and is not always effective – one in four patients using opioids to manage cancer pain fails opioid therapy. It is estimated that in hospitalized patients with advanced cancer, nearly 80% experience pain, with 46% having severe pain in spite of their pain-relieving treatment.

The current pain relief treatment available remains unsatisfactory for many patients.

TTX is being developed to fill the need for an effective analgesic (painkiller) that is much better tolerated than current drugs.  Through several clinical trials TTX has demonstrated to be well tolerated with few side effects.  TTX has not shown evidence of euphoria, addiction, or tolerance (i.e. decreased effectiveness).